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These are my favourite Agatha Christie books, so if you haven't read any, I would suggest you start with these ones.

Be careful with the Wikipedia links - they contain spoilers along with some interesting information!

I couldn't quite get the list down to ten!!

Position Published Novel Detective Summary
1 1939 And Then There Were None   This book is famous because it has been renamed twice!
Ten strangers arrive on Soldier Island. All seems fine until they start to disappear, one by one ...
2 1950 A Murder is Announced Miss Marple The first Agatha Christie story I stumbled across.
All the neighbours flock to Little Paddocks when they read that a murder is imminent.
3 1962 The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side Miss Marple The residents are delighted to hear that a film start has moved in to St Mary Mead -
so much so that they decide to throw her a party - what a great idea(!)
4 1953 After the Funeral Hercule Poirot This one gives a great demonstration of why saying "he WAS murdered, wasn't he?" after a funeral can start a whole lot of trouble.
5 1926 The Murder of Roger Ackroyd Hercule Poirot Considered to be Agatha Christie's masterpiece by most - an excellent book.
No prizes for guessing that it doesn't end well for Roger.
6 1932 Peril at End House Hercule Poirot While on holiday Poirot and Hastings stumble across a pretty damsel who tells them of her recent escapes from death.
I was delighted to solve this one (a rare occurrence for me!) as it is very cleverly written.
7 1936 Cards on the Table Hercule Poirot A real change for Agatha Christie here - so much so that at the beginning she warns her loyal fans that there would be no "surprise ending".
A flamboyant character is killed during a game of Bridge - there are only four possible suspects.
Cue Poirot and the delightful crime novelist Ariadne Oliver (Agatha's parody of herself!) to investigate.
8 1937 Death on the Nile Hercule Poirot Another classic.
A woman is murdered on her honeymoon. The only problem seems to be that there are too many suspects.
9 1941 Evil Under the Sun Hercule Poirot A day on a sunny beach turns to tragedy - Poirot does seem able to find murder everywhere.
Considered by many to be Agatha Christie's cleverest plot.
10 1949 Crooked House Charles Hayward Aristide Leonides is murdered by a method he had joked about with the whole family.
Suspicion falls on everyone and an outsider, Charles Hayward, decides to solve the crime so that he can marry his sweetheart.
11 1975 Curtain Hercule Poirot The very last Poirot story and it is sad to see Poirot so old weak.
Poirot and Hastings investigate their last case together and reminisce about all of their adventures since they first met at Styles all those years ago.